DR-HomeBrothers of the Eighth District, we are extremely blessed that the Supreme Basileus of the Universe has allowed our great fraternity to experience 100 years of existence. Personally, I am blessed to be a servant of the greatest district in all of Omega: the Eighth District. I am proud of my connection and the Omega men who have made an indelible impression upon me during my short time in this great fraternity of ours. This district has produced great leaders. The Eighth District has been associated with some great men who have had a significant impact upon Omega and the communities in which they live. Historically, when I think about the men who have serve as Grand Basileus from our district—James McMorries, Clarence F. Holmes, George Vaughn, and Lloyd Jordan; the various brothers who have served on the International level; those who served on the district level as Represen-tatives and other district officers; and down to local chapters officers and brothers who engaged in service to community, I am eminently proud to be counted among the faithful in service to God and Omega.

As we make the transition from the season of Thanksgiving to Advent (the anticipation of the coming of Christ), I thought about the link between what God did for humanity and what we do in our communities. It would behoove us to gain an apprecia-tion for the idea of ―consecrated usefulness‖ as we move about this season in the celebration of Christmas. God sent Jesus Christ on a mission to redeem humanity. As Brothers of Omega, we should be on a mission to reclaim and redeem our communities from violence, apathy, and ignorance. Nevertheless, the idea of consecrated usefulness ultimately means that we have been set apart for a special and specific purpose.

The purpose of Christ was to uplift humanity from the degradation of sin to the light of the Supreme Basileus of the Uni-verse, where we transition into our better selves. The purpose of Omega men is to uplift our communities and each other through service and fellowship so that we can morph into our better selves. Yet, I think it is important for us as Men of Omega to under-stand that we are set apart for a divine purpose. The divine purpose is not linked to politics, pettiness, or wrecking. The divine pur-pose is not connected to hazing, violence, and unsanctioned challenges. The divine purpose is link to us being men, created in the image and likeness of God, with the capacity to transform our homes and our communities for the benefit of others. This is demon-strated through unselfish service and noble living; whereby others know that we are different from all other men.

As we make the march to close out 2011 and usher in 2012, I pray that the Men of Omega will appreciate the fact we are set apart, just like Christ, to make a difference in our part of the world. We must continue to incarnate (make alive) the cardinal principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift as we live out our creed of service, doing it in a noble fashion. May God bless you doing this season of sharing and celebration.

Brother (Rev. Dr.) Robert C. Scott
31st Eighth District Representative