Written by Larry Burks Sr., 28th Eighth District Representative

Nineteen fifty-eight was a very special year for a young black man attending Harris Stowe Teachers’ College in St Louis, Missouri. He had ambitions of being an educator and administrator, someone who would influence the lives of thousands of young people as he imparted knowledge to them as part of a unique profession that molded the lives of many to make an indelible mark on society. There was a certain degree of satisfaction that was gained from this profession that few others could ever give to those who pursued this as a way of life. It was an exclusive club, a fraternity if you will, where membership was earned first by making the commitment to the task of understanding the importance of education in the lives of all people, regardless of their status or station in life. The America of 1958 was not the best of times for black college educated men; and their tenacity of effort, regardless of their chosen profession, was exemplary. This career path was a lifelong undertaking wherein the ebb and flow of success, and sometime failure, measured the character of the person; the eventual recognition of one’s peers and recognition from the educational institution are the rewards which are gained from staying the course and maintaining focus in spite of the challenges that life brings. Trust in God, leadership, innovation and mentoring were key components of his persona which enabled him to rise to the top of his profession and gain the respect and admiration that came with it. As an administrator and leader, Lynn Beckwith Jr. is a singular example of excellence in the St. Louis educational community.

From this example it is not difficult to understand that his accomplishments within the ranks of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., have traced a similar path. Embracing the principles of manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift; making a connection with these as building blocks to frame his pursuit of profession and fraternal association. His example was one to be emulated as he worked diligently and earned the admiration of his friends locally, nationally and internationally. He is humble, yet has a commanding presence in the annals of Omega history. His statesmanship and leadership are legendary while at the helm of the Eighth District as District Representative, as Basileus of Upsilon Omega Chapter and on the International stage. He continues to be an inspiration to all of us as counselor and mentor; his example keeps the essence of Omega alive and real, in keeping with that which was envisioned by our Founders. To sum up Lynn Beckwith Jr., one can use a plethora of words but simply stated he is engaging, a source of knowledge and wisdom; an elder statesman; a fraternal intellectual; and a friend.

Omega is….Lynn Beckwith Jr.

In celebration and tribute to your 56th year in service to Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., we honor you today and wish God’s continued blessing on you. Your friends, forever….Former DR’s of the Eighth District.