Brother James Ball
Brother James Ball33rd District Representative
Brother Stefan Hughes
Brother Stefan HughesFirst Vice District Representative
Brother Kristoffer Bridges
Brother Kristoffer Bridges2nd Vice District Representative
Brother Jerry Walker
Brother Jerry Walker District Keeper of Records and Seal
Brother Osuman Issaka
Brother Osuman IssakaDistrict Keeper of Finance
Brother Tommy Jewell
Brother Tommy JewellDistrict Counselor
Brother Paul Prosper
Brother Paul ProsperDistrict Director of Public Relations
Brother (Rev. Dr.) Thomas Smith Sr.
Brother (Rev. Dr.) Thomas Smith Sr.District Chaplain
Brother (Rev. Dr.) William Ray Brown
Brother (Rev. Dr.) William Ray BrownImmediate Past District Representative
Brother Delvon Rouser
Brother Delvon RouserUndergraduate at Large
Brother William Williams
Brother William Williams68th District Marshal
Brother Ivy Williams
Brother Ivy WilliamsEighth District Chief of Staff