TAU KAPPA Encourages Teens to attend College

Omaha, NE - The Tau Kappa chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. took part in the Halloween for Teens at the F Street Community Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Halloween for Teens is a way to give teenagers an alternative option for something to do instead of running the streets. Brother Nick Banks and Brother Jerry Vaughn-Taylor kicked off the event with a sit down to talk to the teens about the importance of college and why the teens should be planning on attending college. Brother Banks and Brother Vaughn-Taylor shared their own experiences and journeys through college. Afterwards the teens were able to take the floor and ask questions about college. “” The teens then were able to split up and take part in one of the many activities that were offered throughout the center. Activities included lunch, gym games, a pumpkin carving contest and a Halloween costume contest in which the Brothers took the place as Judge for the contest.

“It was good to have young black men that are doing something with themselves by coming out and sharing the importance of education, especially to our young black kids.” exclaimed Jerry Taylor, Assistant Director of the F Street Community Center. “Our kids need more role models like the ones of Omega Psi Phi. We are definitely looking forward to working with these young men again in the future.”

The center expressed interest in partnering with the Tau Kappa chapter in order to make Halloween for Teens an annual event to help have the teens of Lincoln have something to look forward to during Halloween.