Brothers of the Eighth District -

As we all know that Former Undergraduate At Large, Brother Sean Fennell is currently dealing with medical issues.  Some of you have been engaged with the family and even visited him in the hospital.  The Eighth District Council encourage you to support in any way, shape, or form through these difficult financial times.

Letter from Eleanor Fennell (Sean’s Mother):

To whom it concern:
My son, Sean E. Fennell, is 26 years old and a founding member of the Missouri Phi Mu Chapter #306 of Omega Phi Psi Fraternity.  He is a dual degree graduate of Morehouse College (Spring 2013) and Missouri Science and Technology (December 2012) where he earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He was reared in Lithonia, GA which is a suburb of Atlanta. On January 8, 2014 while preparing to relocate to Fresno, California, for his job; he suffered severe brain hemorrhaging from a ruptured Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) that occurs in one percent of the population.  He was in a coma in critical condition at the Indiana University Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, IN from January 8, 2014 until the mid-February when he was upgraded to stable condition.  On March 7, 2014, he transferred to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA where he was in the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) unit undergoing physical, speech, neurology and occupational therapy.  His insurance covered eight weeks of these services at the Shepherd Center then he will need additional support to get back into the mainstream world.  I am a middle school teacher in the DeKalb County school system in Georgia and am making significant modifications to my home and have to purchase a vehicle to accommodate Sean’s condition.  Sean came home on May 24, 2014, and is getting therapy on an outpatient basis.  He has come a long way, but still has a long road to travel to recovery; the AVM has not been repaired and he is scheduled for surgery on July 24, 2014 to have a radiation treatment to eliminate the AVM  at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, GA.  Any support you can provide for my son will be greatly appreciated.